1998 - 2000  
    Sergio Calzoni (electronics) and Stefano Nieri (guitar) formed Act Noir, with the intention to explore music territories where electro and rock melt together... After some time Michele Gozzi (bass) and Claudio Pilati (drums) joined the band, providing the necessary rhythmic complement.
2001 - 2004  
    Relocated in Copenhagen, Sergio acquainted Nicholas Hill (singer of the space-rock band The Univerzals), and after some time he joined Act Noir as main vocalist.

In June 2003 the band released the promo-CD “Cosmo Minimized”. Unexpectedly the five tracks featured in the CD received very positive reviews and praises, that gave confidence to the band to continue in the composition process of new tunes.
One of the tracks was included in the sampler “k:goth”, compiled by the web-magazine Kronic.

During the same year the Italian cult band MonumentuM commissioned to Act Noir the remix of the track “Distance”. The remix was included in “Metastasi”, album containing rarities and various unreleased material by MonumentuM.
2005 - 2006  
    Act Noir signed a record deal with the Italian label My Kingdom Music, for releasing the debut CD “Automatisme Psychique”. On March 3rd/2006, the album was issued world-wide.

Due to "geographical reasons", the band decided to part ways with Danish singer Nicholas Hill. During the fall of 2005 Act Noir started working with new vocalist Mark Benoit, promoting live the songs of the debut CD.
    In April 2007 the band had the opportunity to play as open-act for the Italian shows of John Foxx, while in June they were in London, playing at club Slimelight together with Clan of Xymox and Violet Stigmata.

In July 2007 the Colloquio's album "Si Muove e Ride" was released by Eibon Records. On this record Sergio Calzoni and Stefano Nieri widely collaborated as sound-designer and guitarist.
    A previously unreleased track is included in the download-compilation “In the Dark Room vol. 1”, compiled by the web-magazine Darkroom.

In the same year contemporary artist Francesco Arena commissioned to Act Noir a fifteen minutes soundtrack for a video-installation included in his project "Respiri/Breath". The audio-track can be legally downloaded from this link: Drag Me Away (extendmix)
    The beginning of the year was marked by a line-up change: due to personal reasons and different priorities the decision to split with singer Mark Benoit came as the natural and proper choice.

Soon afterwards the band found in Gaetano Notarnicola the perfect timbre and vocal skills, to "give voice" to the Act Noir soundscapes and creatively contributing on the second album "Shape a New Start".
    With the support of Eibon Records, on January the new record "Shape a New Start" was released worldwide.